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What is Algae Growth?

Algae growth on asphalt shingles is a very common case in Charlotte NC. Algae is one of the many simple nonflowering plants in the world. Most nonflowering plants require little to no root plantation to grow and spread, making asphalt shingles a perfect host. Driving in Charlotte NC, it is very easy to spot roofs with black streaks running down the roofs. The growth of algae on asphalt shingle is not harming according to the majority of roofing contractors in Charlotte NC. That is generally the case but not in all cases. The roof that is shown above has been taken over by algae, and now the homeowners will need to get a Charlotte roofing company to come out and provide a roof inspection, and a full roof replacement.

Residential roofing has been a success in major cities due to algae growth, and they need to keep a reputation. Algae build-up looks very distress, and not pretty to the eyes. Due to the unsightly algae, homeowners call out Charlotte roofers to remove the build-up and restore the roof to natural granules.

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