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Gutter cleaning is an easy task that you may not get around to very often. It’s not that you don’t know they need cleaning, it’s just that you have other projects to do around the house. Even if you’re busy, it’s important that you clean your gutters at least once a year, hire a local roofing contractor, or install lower-maintenance gutters, because the water that spills over clogged gutters can damage your home’s roof.

The Job of a Gutter

Gutters aren’t just there to make the bottom of your roof look good. A gutter’s job is to divert water during rain. Gutters collect water from your roof and move in toward the ground, simply placing it into a drain or allowing it to flow out farther into the yard away from your house. Imagine what would happen to your lower roofs if you didn’t have gutters. Water would cascade down your top roof and land on the lower roof areas and on the ground. The same thing happens when you have clogged gutters. Some or all of the water that was supposed to be diverted into a drain moves over the side of the gutter and down onto the ground instead.

What Happens When Gutters Don't Do Their Job?

When gutters don't do their job, many problems can arise. Roof Damage and home foundation concerns can arise when a lot of water falls near the base of the house. If the land doesn’t slope away from the house, water can pool around the foundation. This can lead to cracked foundations, as water moves into tiny cracks.

Pooling water near the base of your home can cause a larger problem of shifting walls and foundation. A giant puddle of water presses against your walls, causing them to move and crack. 

The Solution to Cluttered Gutters

There are many simple solutions that can keep your gutters flowing clean and clear this year and every year. You can remove sources of debris by not planting trees too close building. You can ensure that your gutters work with the rest of your roofing system by maintaining that roof. The homeowner can hire a local roofing company to clean your gutters. When you install a gutter guard, you add a protective cover to your gutters. This cover moves water into the gutter and sheds debris so that your gutters will never clog again.

From roofing troubles to foundation troubles to landscape erosion, a cluttered gutter can cause innumerable problems in and around your home and garden. Make gutter cleaning easy this year. Learn more about Gutter Service and Installation and contact us today to turn clogged gutters into an easy, low-maintenance drainage system for your home. It may very well extend the life or your roof!



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