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How to File a Storm Damage Claim

Filing a Storm Damage Claim: A Step-by-Step Guide

When your home experiences roof damage from a storm, filing a claim with your homeowners insurance is essential to receive the necessary financial assistance for repairs or replacement. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of filing a storm-related roof damage claim with your insurance company. Additionally, we'll highlight how Charlotte Ace Roofing can provide valuable assistance during this process.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Document the damage Begin by thoroughly documenting the roof damage. Capture photos or videos of the affected areas and create a detailed list of the damage. This evidence will support your claim and help your insurance company understand the extent of the roof damage.

Step 2: Contact your insurance company Promptly reach out to your homeowners insurance company after the storm has passed. Provide them with the documentation you've gathered and any other pertinent information. An assigned adjuster will assess the damage and guide you through the claims process.

Step 3: Meet with the adjuster When the adjuster visits your property, be present to point out all areas of damage. Consider having a representative from Charlotte Ace Roofing present during the meeting to ensure proper documentation of the damage and represent your interests.

Step 4: File the claim After the adjuster assesses the damage, your insurance company will provide a claim form for you to complete. Fill out the form with comprehensive details regarding the damage and the necessary repairs.

Step 5: Obtain repair estimates Seek an estimate for the repairs from a trusted roofing contractor like Charlotte Ace Roofing. This estimate will be submitted to your insurance company along with the claim form, ensuring accurate coverage assessment.

Step 6: Settlement and repairs Once your claim is approved, your insurance company will provide a settlement that covers the repair costs, minus any applicable deductible. With the settlement in hand, you can proceed with the repairs and restoration of your roof.

How Charlotte Ace Roofing Can Assist You:

At Charlotte Ace Roofing, we have extensive experience working with insurance companies and can simplify the claims process for you. Our professionals will help document the damage, accompany you during the adjuster's visit, and facilitate the filing of your claim. Furthermore, we can provide accurate repair estimates to ensure you receive the full coverage entitled to you.


Filing a storm-related roof damage claim with your homeowners insurance may seem daunting, but with the assistance of a reputable roofing contractor like Charlotte Ace Roofing, the process becomes more manageable. By following the steps outlined above and leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals, you can navigate the claims process efficiently and secure the coverage you deserve.

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