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Looking For Roof Repair?

Are you looking for roof repair services in Matthews NC area?  Charlotte Ace Roofing is the best choice for you. In this post let's talk a about metal roofing. When installed properly, a metal roof is one of the most durable. It is also long lasting and maintenance free roofing solutions for your home. Although the initial investment in a metal roofing system is more than a traditional asphalt shingle installation, it is always worth the cost in the long run. Not only is it a durable solution, when done properly, it adds a lot of curb appeal to your home.

This week, we received a phone call from a customer out in Matthews, NC. He had a leaking roof in an area where there was a section of metal roofing that transitioned from metal to asphalt shingles. After examining the roof, it was easy to see that the roofing system was improperly installed causing a leak from the roof into the attic. The installer used roofing nails on the flashing that was causing the leak.

Metal Roof Properly installed

It is very important to have properly installed roofing system Especially if you are investing in a metal roofing system. More importantly, it is crucial to make sure you hire a qualified roofing contractor. Who is knowledgeable in the installation and repair of metal roofs. Many times, only certain sections of a home will have a metal roof on them. Even though you may only be replacing the architectural asphalt shingles on the roof. You have to be careful to make sure that the installed metal roof properly transitions with the asphalt shingles if necessary.

If you are looking to have the asphalt shingles on your home replaced and you have sections of metal roofing. Be sure that our qualified installers will install the shingles properly to work with your current metal roofing system. As always, estimates are free so feel free to give us a call to get a no-obligation consultation for your home today.


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