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What are Roofing Rakes and Roofing Eaves?

Roofing Rakes and roofing eaves work together to create the borders of the roof of a home. Rakes are not always identified on roofs because hip style roofs consist of only eaves. Gable style roofs contain both rakes and eaves, due to the gable or gables that are on the roofs. In the picture above, you will see where the rakes run up vertically, and the eaves are being placed down horizontally. The main function of the eaves is to keep the sides dry from melted snow and rain. The eaves and the rakes are used to avoid water invasion. Water has the best access under the roofing system at the tips of the roofing rakes and eaves. Rakes and Eaves are the soldiers of the house, they protect the house from most liquids entering the within the roof system.

Drip Edge System

Roofers in Charlotte NC tend to assume that the rakes and the eaves alone are able to keep water out of the roofing systems. That is not entirely true. The roofing contractor is also going to have to use a drip edge system to assist with the protection. The drip edge system was cleverly engineered to have water drip off vertically, at a slant to have it miss the house foundation. Without a basic drip edge system, a homeowner could be dealing with bigger problems in the future.

Roofing rakes and roofing eaves are a great addition to a house when it comes to stalling water from entering your home. It is the best when a drip edge system is installed. It will guarantee full protection from water invasion. Also, if your gutters are old and are slowly falling apart, seek professional advice. If the gutters are malfunctioning, they can cause major damage to the roof. We will discuss the damage in a different blog later, meanwhile, contact Charlotte Ace Roofing for a free roof/gutter inspection. It can save a big headache in the future.


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