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Should I Call a Roofer or My Insurance First for Roof Storm Damage?

Should I Call a Roofer or My Insurance First for Roof Storm Damage?

Having damage on your roof after a wind or a hail strong storm can be a very stressful situation. But having to deal with an insurance company, the claim filing process can be even more stressful. You need to hire a local roofer for your storm related damage.

The most complicated part is the first few steps, starting the process can be tricky. A lot of customers ask us “should I call a roofer or my insurance first”?

We at Charlotte Ace roofing hear this all the time from homeowners. Once the homeowner realizes the roof has storm damage, a lot can go through their head. In this blog, we will explain to you the process of filing a storm damage insurance claim.

Who is Charlotte Ace Roofing?

Charlotte Ace Roofing as helped the homeowners in Charlotte NC area and surrounding areas with their insurance claims for years now. We fight for the homeowner to ensure you get everything your roof system needs to protect you and your family. A lot of our customers know that we work for them and not the insurance company.

After reading this blog, you’ll know who to call first when you recognize that your roof has storm damage. Also, you will understand the 3 key things you need to think about when hiring a roofing contractor for your insurance claim.

As a homeowner, do I call the roofing contractor or my insurance for the roof damage?

If your neighborhood was hit by a wind or hailstorm and you realize that you have roof damage, the first thing you should do is call your homeowners insurance company. After you call the insurance, they will provide you with a claim number and will tell you that the adjuster will be in contact with you soon. 

Depending on your insurance, they may come out to see your roof themselves. Sometimes, if the home is 2 stories or the home is over 3000 square feet, the insurance may hire an independent roof inspector to assess the damage.

Other times, the insurance company may ask you to hire a roofing contractor to assess the damage prior to filing an insurance claim.

The important thing here to remember and understand is that if you suspect that you have storm damage, you need to speak to both, your insurance, and a roofing contractor.

3 key things to understand when hiring a roofing contractor for your roof damage claim

  1. The roofer you call must have experience working with insurance adjusters. 

Your insurance will assess the damage and will give you a dollar amount to replace your roof. Remember, if the roofing contractor quotes you a number that is less, that’s a red flag!  You do NOT get to keep the left-over money. Also, you must think to yourself… if the roofer charges less than what the insurance quoted you, the roofer may be either saving money on materials, saving money on labor or not including the full scope, possibly missing a few items on the reroofing process.

Most insurance companies will pay you about 50% upfront for the roof replacement and will withhold the remaining 50% until you replace your roof. If you do not replace your roof, the insurance will not release the remaining amount that they withheld.  They will release the 2nd check only after you provide to the insurance proof that the roof was replaced.

By hiring a roofing professional that has experience with insurance claims will help you eliminate and potential headaches.

  1. Make sure you hire a local roofing company

Do not hire out of state roofing contractors.  Homeowners always regret not going with a local roofing company.  Homeowners experience regret after the job is done.  Most out of state roofing companies do not do a good with the installation.  As a homeowner, if you go with a local roofer, you have someone you can call if you ever have a leak or any other issues that require a follow-up visit to your home. 

Always hire a local, reputable, trustworthy roofing company.  The local roofing companies that live and work in your home areas always to the best work.  Stay away from out of state roofing companies!  Do not fall for a Storm Chaser scam situation where they try to get your deposit check and don't come back.

  1. Ask to see the potential roofing company’s references and prior roof projects close to your home 

Every roofing contractor should have a list references or prior roof jobs they installed close to your neighborhood. Some states require the roofing company to be licensed.  In the state of North Carolina, the license is not required unless the job is over $30,000.  Keep in mind, most residential roofs are way below $30,000.  Do not be surprised if your roofer does not have a roofing license.  Thing of roofing as cosmetic. 

In other words, if you hire a company to paint, do tile or brick, it’s common for those contractors not to have a license.  Once you get into commercial jobs, then it’s important to ask for a license for obvious reasons.  The roofer however must have an active business registration with the state of NC.  Also, it’s very important to check BBB and their reviews on Google.

Show your roofing contractor your insurance damage report paperwork

You just read about the 3 important key things to so when hiring a roofing contractor for your insurance claim.

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At Charlotte Ace Roofing we will help you with the entire roof repair or replacement process by working directly with your insurance company. So, don’t make the mistake and wait until your home has water damage. Remember to give us a call today.


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