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Storm Damage in Charlotte NC

Over the past month, Charlotte, NC has been battered by severe rain and windstorms, resulting in potential damage to roofing systems and gutters due to strong winds and hail. At Charlotte Ace Roofing, we have conducted inspections on numerous homes affected by these storms, and we would like to share our findings with you. For more detailed information, please refer to our FAQ section.

First and foremost, it's important to note that most homes experiencing storm damage, whether from wind or hail, exhibit visible signs. However, these signs are often not easily noticeable from street level. Homeowners may observe some visible indications, such as missing shingles, but they might not fully grasp the extent of the damage.

Additionally, keep an eye out for asphalt granules accumulating in the gutters. The presence of loose granules indicates that hail has struck the shingles, causing the granules to become dislodged. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider the age of your roof. If your roof is over ten years old, it is highly recommended to have a professional roofer inspect your home for potential storm damage.

If you remain uncertain about the condition of your roof, you can perform a basic roof inspection using the resources provided by Owens Corning. It is worth noting that most insurance companies cover damages resulting from storms. Here at Charlotte Ace Roofing, we collaborate with all insurance companies to ensure that homeowners are adequately protected by the coverage they pay for.


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