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Storm Damage in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC has been experiencing severe rain & windstorms in the past month. The storms may have caused wind damage or hail damage to your roofing systems or gutters. Charlotte Ace roofing has had the opportunity to inspect multiple homes for storm damage and we would like to share our findings. You can also visit our FAQ section for more information.

First off, most homes affected by wind or hail damage, also know as storm damage have visible signs. The problem with the signs is that they are not visible from street level. Although, homeowners may see visible signs, such as missing shingles. In contrast, homeowners may not understand what missing looks like.

Another key point is that homeowners may see asphalt granules collect out of the gutters. Loose granules are an indication that hail hit a shingle, and the impact causes the granules to loosen. The last piece of advice to keep in mind is the age of the roof. If the roof is over ten years, it is recommended that a professional roofer inspects your home.

Still unsure if your roof is in good condition, check out Owens Corning basic roof inspection. Most insurance companies cover storm-related damages. Charlotte Ace Roofing works will all insurance companies ensuring that homeowners are protected by what they pay for.