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Best Time to Install a Roof

One of the most common questions we always hear is “When is the best time to install a roof?” If the house that you live in has a leak, it will need imminent attention. That is not always the case though. Sometimes the desire to change the color or add a new style of shingles is fancied. When the homeowner is looking for a retail project, many questions arise. When is the best season to install a new roof? What is the price difference between seasons? What company can offer better services?

Roofers in Charlotte NC experiences the highest density of roof replacement during the peak roofing season. The peak roofing season in Charlotte NC is during two seasons, spring and fall. Durning the springtime, the weather is starting to warm up. Roofers are able to work on roof replacements and roof repairs without damaging asphalt shingles, due to high heat. The fall season has similar amenities to the spring season. The heat is starting to drop and the weather is more predictable. Durning the roofing season roofers can be backed up for months, so you may want to avoid these season unless you were scheduled months earlier.

Does the price drop when roofing contractor work offseason? Roofing material prices vary between winter and summer, and geolocation. The winters in the south are nowhere close as harsh as the winters in the north. In contrast, the summers in the north are nowhere as hot as the summers of the south. Roofing crews have a certain tolerance for both hot weather and colder weathers, therefore it would depend on the roofing contractor. In Charlotte NC roofing contractor consider in lowering the price of a roof replacement/repair during the winter season. This is when roofing contractors have to compete with other roofing contractors to get roofing work.

Do not look for the Cheapest Roofing Contractor

In a diverse location like Charlotte, roofing contractors have to be competitive. A few issues with price reduction is that it may affect the quality of the workmanship and the materials. Storm chasers come and go into storm areas, providing the lowest estimate. The true behind it is that they are also providing homeowners with the cheapest materials, and installation quality. Word of advice, do your research and never hire a storm chaser.

So, the million-dollar question, when is the best time to install a roof? After providing the information above, the answer is clear. Schedule a roofing contractor to do the work in the offseason.In Charlotte, that is the in the winter. Get at least three estimates prior to committing to a contractor and signing any contracts. You can compare prices between contractors. Lastly, do your research on the contractor you choose. That will make the greatest difference.