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Best Roofers in Charlotte NC

Roofers in Charlotte NC area have been around for decades, helping homeowners with various roofing projects. Today, Charlotte NC has over 500 roofers. With the number of roofers rising in the city and surrounding areas, it must mean two things… 1. the city may be growing or 2. roofing is an easy business to start. Charlotte NC has been getting lots of attention throughout the past couple years. It is attracting people to move to the city. Starting a new roofing company is not an easy process, it involves past roofing experience and knowledge. Here is a list of a few tips to keep in mind when you are looking to pursue a roofing project with a reliable roofer in Charlotte NC.


Whenever you are ready to hire a roofer in Charlotte NC, you should start by asking your neighbors if they have any recommendations. You should also research the web to see if any local roofing contractors catch your eye. Lastly, make a list of the reliable roofing contractors in Charlotte NC that you like.

After narrowing down your search for the roofing contractor in Charlotte NC, contact the roofer in Charlotte NC and obtain a license number. Using that number, go to and verify that the roofer has a license to work in the state. Not having a license is an automatic invalidation to that roofer. But having a license does not guarantee quality work either.  Quality is the most important in any project, especially Roofing project. To verify quality, you would need to do more research. Check the roofer’s website, look for testimonies from the previous customer.

Most consumers can locate more reviews on YP Yelp, Google places, BBB, and home advisor for both positive and negative reviews. If you stumble on a negative review, always see how the roofing company responded to the review, because there are bad people or competition out there looking for free things or competition looking to stain another roofing company in Charlotte NC area. It’s known for competition to attempt to sabotage other roofers in Charlotte NC to get a higher ranking.


BBB recommends homeowners to get at least three quotes from different experienced roofers in Charlotte NC. Looking at all the quotes, if you see a quote that is considerably lower from the rest, you should dispose of it right away. These are a few potential reasons to why a roofer in Charlotte NC may offer low quotes:

  • By keeping the old unavailable plywood enacted on your roof, they can save themselves at least a few hundred dollars, using low-cost materials, and use immature roof installers to do the least hours necessary. What this enables for you is that you will pay less money now, and a lot more in the future to repair your roof. Remember, your roof shingles are only as good as the installation.  You can buy the most expensive roofing shingles, but if you get an improper roof install, you just wasted a whole lot of money.
  • The roofer will show the homeowner a bill with cost overruns that were not voiced in the quote. Honest, experienced, trustworthy roofers in Charlotte NC include an additional percent into the quote, to ensure that any extra materials will not hinder with the original quote on the project.
  • Prior to any roof installation, homeowners are required to put down a down payment and deductible if the job is an insurance claim. In the past, roofing companies would provide an unbelievably high quote and the customers would sign with them. After providing the deductible and down payment the roofing company disappears and you never get a new roof and lose money. That’s what a roofing insurance scam is!


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