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Roofers in Charlotte

Are you looking for Roofers in Charlotte NC area?  You are not alone! Charlotte area has been hit with a lot more storm recently compared to 10 or 15 years ago.  A lot of homeowners do not know that homeowners' insurance covers storm damage. If you suspect that your home was hit with a hailstorm, you may qualify for a new roof.  


If you are a homeowner and you are stressing out about possible roof damage, you can relax.  It is very simple; you need to call a roofing company and they will send a professional to inspect your roof.  Once the roofing contractor inspects the roof, you will know if your roof is in good shape, or you have issues with your roof.  Some issues may look like major repair but can actually be a very simple fix.  However, other times, homeowners may think that their roof is perfectly fine, but in reality, after the roof inspection, they are told that their roof has a lot of hail and wind damage. There are a lot of roofers in Charlotte. Charlotte Ace Roofing is the best!

There is no need to panic, Charlotte Ace Roofing can help you with everything from a small roof repair to a full roof replacement.  Also, we can help you file a claim with your insurance and will work with your insurance on the appropriate repair to bring your roof back to its original condition.


Call us today and schedule your free roof inspection with us. Remember, we will send out one of our roofing professionals to answer all your questions. Also, if you have a significant amount of storm damage, you qualify for a roof replacement or repair that will be covered by your home insurance, you will only be responsible for your deductible. At Charlotte Ace Roofing we will help you with the entire roof repair or replacement process by working directly with your insurance company. So, don’t make the mistake and wait until your home has water damage. Remember to give us a call today.

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